GOP Sen. Marco Rubio hasn’t been shy about criticizing Dr. Anthony Fauci’s record of walkbacks and goalpost shifting during the course of the COVID19 pandemic:

Rubio also received a COVID19 vaccine ten days ago:

Some people (read: idiots and/or intellectually dishonest garbage people) seem to think that makes Rubio a hypocrite.

And CNN is apparently only too happy to indulge those people:

From CNN’s Tara Subramaniam:

Just a week after Sen. Marco Rubio was criticized for getting the coronavirus vaccine ahead of some front-line workers, the Florida Republican is back in the hot seat for his comments accusing Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and others of manipulating public perception surrounding Covid-19.

“Dr. Fauci lied about masks in March,” Rubio tweeted on Sunday morning. “Dr. Fauci has been distorting the level of vaccination needed for herd immunity.”

Facts First: Rubio’s claims are false and misleading. Fauci did not lie about masks. Though Fauci, along with several other US health leaders, did initially advise people not to wear masks, his guidance evolved along with the scientific community’s understanding of the coronavirus. Similarly, Fauci has insisted any change in the numbers he’s provided regarding herd immunity is due in large part to new science and representative of the fact that there’s a range of estimates for the necessary level.

Hey, here’s a fact for CNN:

Or at least Fauci would be … if CNN were remotely interested in doing their job.

And the fact that Rubio is right is what firefighters like those at CNN find so offensive.

This … is CNN.

And it’s a habit they’re not willing to break.

They’re in for a rude awakening if they think Americans will start respecting them once Trump leaves office. Things never seem to end up working out the way they’ve planned.