A little over a week ago, GOP Sen. Marco Rubio got a COVID19 vaccine:

Before and since then, Rubio has been tweeting about government officials and their media apologists repeatedly misleading when it comes to the science of the war on COVID.

Yesterday, Rubio tweeted about Dr. Anthony Fauci’s frequent walkbacks and goalpost shifting:

We’d say Rubio’s beefs are pretty valid, wouldn’t you?

But for some reason, Daily Beast editor-at-large and Bulwark token liberal Molly Jong-Fast seems to think that Rubio has outed himself as a COVID19 hypocrite:

Wow, she sure busted him!

If you point out willful misleading of the public on COVID19, does that mean you can’t get a COVID19 vaccine?

In other words, classic Molly Jong-Fast.


Maybe we should go easy on her.