Last week on CNN, Wolf Blitzer referred to Dr. Anthony Fauci as a “national treasure,” but a couple of days later a random act of journalism happened on the same network. After people started noticing that Dr. Fauci’s estimate on herd immunity kept inching up, the NIAID director admitted that he’s been intentionally moving the goalposts, partly because he didn’t think the country was ready to hear what he really thinks.

CNN’s Dana Bash ruined what Dr. Fauci was probably hoping would be another softball interview by asking him why his numbers have changed, and he eventually said that his original estimate was, in fact, a “guesstimate”:

It appears that to some degree what Fauci’s said has been designed to manipulate the public’s reaction rather than pass along reliable information.

Reporters from here on in should follow up on claims from Dr. Fauci this way:

Yes, please do that, reporters (but we won’t hold our breath waiting).



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