You’re probably pretty upset about the $10 million allocated for “gender programs” in Pakistan, and you’ve got every right to be.

But did you know that there’s something in the COVID relief/omnibus spending bill that’s way, way worse?

Journalist and Jacobin magazine contributor Walker Bragman has the scoop:

$500 million for Israel? Those shifty Jews are at it again!

Who cares that Bragman’s tweet is wildly intellectually dishonest?

Tablet senior writer Yair Rosenberg explains:

It’s OK, Yair. Walker eventually got around to some kind of clarification:

It was “imprecise language” designed to stir up anti-Israel outrage. And it appears to have worked.

Go figure.

Yeah, but where’s the fun in that?

It’s almost as if journalists like Walker Bragman are OK with that.