As plenty noted, you know there’s a lot of pork in the COVID-19 stimulus bill when you need a hand cart to wheel around the 5,593-page document — $600 stimulus checks shouldn’t have taken more than a page.

The text of the bill has been posted, and people like Grabien Media’s Tom Elliott are starting to dig into the thing:

Some of the text is not so surprising, such as directing the intelligence community to study the effectiveness of the Climate Security Advisory Council to see if it can be used as the basis for other such councils.

And then there’s the pork we’ve been looking for, and it’s just as ridiculous as we’d suspected.

Pakistan gets a lot more than that; the stipulation is that at least $10 million go toward “gender programs.”

The “study area” will be the “archeological site near Madison Street and the 10th Street Rail Corridor.”

Yeah, Sen. Rand Paul did an epic Festivus thread just before Christmas last year. He had a lot of problems with you people in Congress. Here he is now:

What else is in there?

$33 million? That’s nothing.

We’re certain there will be plenty more tweets like these as Congress prepares to vote on this thing.

* * *