If you live along Axios business editor Dan Primack’s walking route and happened to be hosting more than just yourself at Thanksgiving, well, know that he’s judging you.


“That feeling of rage.”

So. Much. Rage.

Who’s to say he didn’t call the cops? He seems like the kind of guy who would call the cops.

And that number’s still dwarfed by the number of cars’ worth of people celebrating Joe Biden’s victory and protesting (or rioting) for Black Lives Matter.

Maybe Dan should mind his own damn business.

Scratch that. Dan should definitely mind his own damn business. Particularly since his rage appears to be pretty selective.

Oh, don’t worry. Dan thought that was bad, too. He just didn’t think it was worth getting bent out of shape over.


Dan has so much rage … and yet, he doesn’t have enough to spare for people who actually deserve it.