Now that there’s not much of a need for a Resistance, guys like David Frum have to find ways to stay relevant.

Maybe this’ll do the trick:

David could’ve left today for a remembrance of Kristallnacht. Instead, he just had to be David Frum.

He had to find a way to make America look bad, even if it meant making himself look like a complete jackass.

Narrator: Pfizer is not a German company.

Founded in America, which is not, in fact, located in Germany.


Get David on The List.



Hold up, folks. Apparently we at Twitchy are the ones who can’t read:

Yes, David. Pfizer had a German partner, BioNTech. And BioNTech had an American partner, Pfizer.

So, if your intent was to highlight BioNTech’s achievement, you could’ve said so and linked to the article about BioNTech right then and there, considering that “Pfizer” is the name on everyone’s lips today. But you didn’t, did you? No, instead, you chose to refer to “a German company” because God forbid you acknowledge that an American company with a German name may have helped save the world while Donald Trump is still the American president.

Start with yourself, pal.

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