It must be exhausting being Kamala Harris, knowing that you’re going to have to fend off media suitors 24/7.

Nevertheless, she persists. And the media love her for it:

Now, we must point out that Zach C. Cohen works for National Journal, so he’s only passing along the Washington Post’s ode to Kamala Harris. But he forgot to preface the excerpt he tweeted out with “crying with laughter” emojis or some other indication that the piece he was sharing is beyond parody.

You like the headline? Wait til you get to the actual substance — if you can call it that — of Monica Hesse’s Style piece.

Here’s how it concludes:

At some point in Kamala Harris’s life, in January, she may stand on a stage in front of the U.S. Capitol, and she may take the oath of office.

But I can’t stop thinking of all the other points in her life she’ll carry with her.

How someone must have told her, once, to use her keys as a weapon in a parking lot. How something like that shapes you. How it hopefully makes you into a person who never lets anyone walk in the dark alone.

Please, Monica. Kamala Harris doesn’t have to walk in the dark because she’s constantly aglow with stunning bravery.

That’s because you’re a conservative man and you wouldn’t understand. Conservative men never do.

It’s Kamala’s sole defining characteristic. Literally nothing is more important than her being a woman because nothing qualifies her to be president vice president more than her being a woman.

Ah, but Sarah Palin was the wrong kind of woman, you see.

Only women like Kamala Harris count as real women (which is so cis-normative, if you think about it).