Yahoo News national correspondent Alexander Nazaryan did not become a journalist to push Russian disinformation.

It’s unfair to expect Alexander Nazaryan to push Russian disinformation. Not when he’s got so much other disinformation to push.

We already highlighted some of Nazaryan’s greatest hits regarding Russian collusion with Trump, but as @ComfortablySmug reminds us, Nazaryan hasn’t limited himself to just that narrative:

See, back in early 2016, when Ted Cruz was running for the Republican presidential nomination, then-Newsweek senior writer Nazaryan tweeted this (via Erik Wemple):

Wemple noted that Nazaryan harbored particular animosity toward Cruz.

Wemple also noted that Nazaryan’s follow-up to his deleted tweet wasn’t really much better:

Wemple wrote:

That little clarification appears to hold fast to the contention that Cruz himself is a Nazi.

Because of course. It’s why Alexander Nazaryan became a journalist, you know.

His parents must be so proud.

Good. Somebody needs to hit back at Nazaryan.

And journalists killed it.