Yahoo News national correspondent Alexander Nazaryan has absolutely had it with conservative media’s manufactured scandals:

Speaking of bad faith politics and disservices to voters …

If we’re understanding Nazaryan correctly, his contention is that anything that makes a Democrat look bad is just a manufactured scandal by conservatives and also it’s conservatives’ fault that the mainstream media doesn’t cover them.

Like so many of us, Trump campaign comms director Tim Murtaugh sees right through Nazaryan’s BS:

But Nazaryan grew up in the Soviet Union, so if anyone knows Russian disinformation, it’s him. And he won’t be a part of it!

That’s nice.


Mockery aside, though, Nazaryan is completely full of it.

We’re waiting, Alexander.

No, wait. Alexander found some!

Did Alexander actually read the purported evidence he’s presenting of Russian disinformation?

Alexander’s pretty confident he’s got all the evidence he needs:

Oh, OK.

The seriousest.

So stunning and brave in the war against disinformation.

And more (via @JerryDunleavy):

There’s lots more where that came from.

Alexander Nazaryan cannot abide Russian disinformation. Disinformation relating to Russia and Donald Trump, though? That’s juuuuuust fine.

Not in the traditional sense of the word, anyway. Fortunately for him, there are few actual real journalists left who will actually call him out.

Must protect the precious. Even if the precious isn’t worth protecting anymore.

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