Over the weekend, RNC rapid response director Steve Guest posted video of Joe Biden appearing to have forgotten the name of the man he’s running against:

Firefighters quickly mobilized to defend Biden’s honor, helpfully explaining that Biden was ackshually referring to actor-comedian George Lopez and to suggest otherwise would be a bald-faced right-wing smear job.

But no cleanup job is ever really done until the Washington Post Fact Checker weighs in. And so, without further ado, here’s WaPo video reporter and visual forensics expert Meg Kelly with the lowdown:

This is some Zapruder-film-level stuff, guys.


By beginning the clip after the moderators were removed from the screen, viewers have no idea that Biden could have been referring to George Lopez, who had originally asked the question.

“He was addressing George Lopez, the interviewer, as is a common practice,” Biden spokesman Andrew Bates said. “That is, unless, like Donald Trump, you blow a gasket and storm out because you can’t stomach being fact-checked.”

Guest defended his clip job without apology. He sent The Fact Checker this statement:

“This isn’t a ‘fact check.’ It’s the Washington Post doing the Biden campaign’s bidding to cover up what Biden actually said. Biden was talking about ‘four more years’ of President Trump and said the name ‘George’ instead. His wife is mouthing ‘Trump’ next to him in an attempt to save him and remind him who is currently president. Which explanation makes more sense? That Biden was expressing concern for 4 years of George Lopez as President!? Or does it make more sense that the same Joe Biden who couldn’t remember Mitt Romney’s name or the office he is running for mistakenly referred to a past Republican administration instead of the current one? It’s obviously the latter.”
According to our fact-checking team, Steve Guest makes a lot of good points. Much better points than Kelly is attempting to make.

Still, though. We’re generous and can always look for something positive to say about such a brazen act of bad journalism. Here’s Stephen L. Miller with the silver lining:

It’s pretty fantastic.

It’s been a long time. Good to be back.



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