As Twitchy told you last night, Joe Biden appeared to forget the name of the guy he’s ostensibly campaigning against:

But never fear! When Joe Biden finds himself in an awkward situation, there are always some brave firefighters standing by to help:

Just watch the video! Clearly Joe Biden was referring to George Lopez. It’s so obvious:


This is all just the Trump campaign putting words in Joe Biden’s mouth that Biden didn’t actually say despite the fact that we all heard him say them! So shut up!

Oh, we dunno, Yair. We’ve been listening to Joe Biden for quite some time now and it sure doesn’t sound like he can talk all that well.

Well, at least Yair’s accidentally acknowledging that Joe Biden’s not actually the one sending out all those coherent — albeit platitudinous — tweets from his official account.

In any event, we’re not really sure what journos like Dave Weigel, Yair Rosenberg, and Jake Tapper think they’re accomplishing here. Like, we know they’re trying their damnedest to defend Joe Biden’s honor from that nasty Trump campaign, but apparently they’re too blinded by their righteous outrage to realize that their defense of Biden actually reinforces the idea that Uncle Joe’s not all there.

We all know what Joe Biden said. And as has been pointed out above, there’s really no explanation that makes Biden look good.

It’s definitely not the first time. And it won’t be the last.

Same can be said about the media humiliating themselves in order to push their preferred narrative.


The Guardians of Truth rushing to Joe Biden’s rescue ultimately can’t help him. And they most certainly can’t help themselves.



Ana Navarro’s not a journalist, but she enjoys pretending to be someone who should be taken seriously, so she’s worth including in this post:

Who’s spreading false narratives, Ana?