TDS-afflicted lefties are still struggling to come to grips with Donald Trump saying that coyotes bring migrant children over our southern border. Imagine using such dehumanizing language to describe immigrants, and thinking that canines are literally dragging kids into the U.S. from Mexico! That Donald Trump sure is a bigoted idiot.

As Twitchy told you, Harvard student David Hogg is one of those TDS-afflicted lefties:

And Stephen Miller, aka @redsteeze, is one of many conservative non-idiots mocking him for it:


Apparently drawing attention to the fact that David Hogg is tragically misinformed on yet another topic despite the fact that he got into Harvard was just more than singer-songwriter and musician Deren Ney — he/him, if ya nasty — is willing to handle. So Ney bravely took it upon himself to school Miller in front of everyone:

Unfortunately for Ney, he was so busy schooling Miller that he apparently didn’t realize that he was the one getting schooled.

It’s tough to top.

Well, we’d better make sure we collect his tweets here, then.

Trust him, Deren.

Sorry, we missed the tweet of Ney’s that Miller was responding to. We’re sure it was something special.

Because Ney clearly has a lot of special things up his intellectual sleeve:

We’re starting to think Deren’s not the most sensible guy.

Geez, Deren!

Deren can’t be helped if he’s not willing to help himself first.

Actually quite a few people are arguing with the definition of a coyote, as we’ve already documented here at Twitchy. What makes Deren’s takes so remarkable, though, is that he’s been given several opportunities to take the L and put down his shovel and continues to choose to dig his own grave even deeper.

Except it’s not, though. Like, at all.

Deren. Deren.

“Completely immobilized by my question.” BRB, buying ourselves new keyboards because there’s spit-out tea all over these ones.

But thanks to Miller, at the very least, Deren knows what it feels like to have your butt royally kicked.

We’ve actually run out of fingers to count them.

If Deren Ney didn’t exist, we’d have to invent him. We’ll definitely be keeping our eyes on him going forward, as he’s clearly a bottomless pit of cringe and self-ownage.

We’re sure he’ll embarrass himself again soon enough.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets and text.

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