As we detailed earlier, a Democrat House member for the the state of Georgia became perplexed when President Trump suggested that coyotes bring children across our border. She had an Animal Planet moment of introspection, and it did not go well for her.

But she can take some solace in one detail; it turns out she is not alone in her doltish hot-take of immigration terminology. Twitchy’s favorite Ivy League thinker, activist David Hogg, appears to be equally stymied by the the term.

We will at least give him some credit — he spelled xenophobia correct…while applying it in the incorrect fashion.

You have to wonder if the school has mandated that he does not include its name in his bio.

This actually underscores the central issue here. These are people attempting to lecture us on a subject all while displaying a significant level of ignorance on the topic itself.

It makes one wonder what is going on in that feverish mind to be thinking in this fashion.

Probably shouldn’t tweet either — but we here at the site are glad that they still do it.