So, you know how Twitter tried to prevent the House Judiciary Republicans from sharing the New York Post’s scoop on Hunter Biden’s email purportedly acknowledging a meeting he set up between Joe Biden and a Burisma exec?

Well, this should make you feel better. Turns out it was all just a misunderstanding, you guys:

More from Daily Caller investigative reporter Peter J. Hasson:

Twitter said it erroneously blocked a link to the official government website for House Judiciary Committee Republicans that republished a censored New York Post story about Hunter Biden .

“The link referenced was blocked in error. That decision has been reversed and the link is now unblocked,” a Twitter spokesman, who insisted on anonymity as a condition for releasing a statement, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

So just lay off of Twitter, all right?

Things happen.

The error was evidently thinking Twitter could at least pretend to not be so damn biased.

Nobody believes this.