Must be nice to be a Biden.

Or any Democrat for that matter.

Well, maybe not because to be a Democrat one must forget how to think for oneself and surrender to the narrative and the agenda.

But it must be nice to have so much protection from big tech and the media.

And what does Twitter do to their link?

It’s not necessarily blocked but they definitely don’t want anyone to feel comfortable moving forward to read the story at the end of that link. You’d think they’d have figured out by now that their behavior is only making people want to read the story MORE, right?

And it’s hurting them big time.

Man, this Hunter guy is just bad news.


He wasn’t apologizing for what they did, he was just admitting they could have communicated it better.

Gotta cast doubts on the story itself, ya’ know. Can’t have people reading it feeling like it could be legit.

Anything to protect Pop Biden.



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