Folks, Twitter really and truly screwed the pooch this time.

They took a story that was ‘big’ on its own and made it HUGE by blocking it on their site and then punishing anyone who tried to share it. People who would never have even thought to read it are now very interested in reading about Hunter Biden and the money he made because his dad was the VP.

Oh, and that schpeel from Twitter about how they don’t allow stories from leaks? SERIOUSLY? Have they not seen their own platform over the past four years?

Alex VanNess was good enough to slap them with their own hypocrisy … a lot:

Of COURSE, they allow stories based on leaks.

Almost every hit-piece on Trump has been based on some faceless, nameless leak from the White House …

Did they really think this would fly?

Gosh, this link wasn’t blocked.

This one was leaked, it’s AOK.

And another leaked story that’s AOK.

Again, it hurts Trump.

A SERIES of leaked diplomatic memos.

See a theme yet?


And on and on and on.

Twitter doesn’t have a problem with leaked stories in general. They just have a problem with leaked stories that might hurt Joe Biden and the Democrats in the upcoming election. Honestly, at this point it would be better for Jack and his squad to admit this is the truth because this spin only makes them look worse.



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