We’re not sure where we’d be without Brian Stelter to keep us abreast of what they’re doing over at Fox News, but we’re guessing it’d be decidedly quieter.

With his health reportedly on the mend following his COVID19 diagnosis, Donald Trump has resumed his usual routine of assuring the public that COVID19 isn’t as serious a threat as it’s been made out to be. You may or may not agree with that position, but reasonable people can probably understand that urging people to live in abject fear is not the ideal way to run things.

And that explains why Brian Stelter is so upset, not just at Trump for not trying to terrify everyone, but at Fox News for pointing out that Trump isn’t trying to terrify everyone:

Fox News is reporting what Trump said. Was that wrong? Should they not have done that?

We’re starting to wonder if Brian’s teachers taught him anything at all.

Maybe Brian Stelter should reserve some of his outrage for the media at large, who let Donald Trump dominate them every single day.

Firefighters like Brian Stelter are counting on the American public to be scared. Fear is what fuels the media, and they’re not prepared to give that up without a fight.