Bill Kristol may not have much to feel good about these days, but maybe he can take some comfort in knowing that he’s in illustrious company when it comes to Donald Trump’s medical condition.

As we told you earlier, Politico White House reporter Gabby Orr saw Donald Trump’s all-caps series of tweets this morning and suggested that it was a product of an obvious Dexamethasone-induced mood swing.

That’s actually been quite a popular take today, with many cool, calm, and collected blue-checks citing the tweets as evidence that it’s time to deploy the 25th Amendment:

Who’s really having the MELTDOWN, though? Because we’re pretty sure that Donald Trump’s tweets today are pretty much in-line with his usual offerings.

Four-plus years, if we’re really keeping score. So yeah.

All this 25th Amendment talk seems less like it stems from real concern and more like it’s just the latest iteration of the same argument the Resistance has been making since Donald Trump won the election. For these people, literally everything he does is grounds for invoking the 25th Amendment.

And they expect to be taken seriously.