Last night, we told you about retired LAPD Sergeant Cheryl Dorsey, who, as a guest on MSNBC, said that black conservative Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron “is skin folk but he is not kinfolk.”

Well, guess what: CNN’s managed to outdo MSNBC when it comes to finding racists to denigrate minority conservatives. Because Sophia A. Nelson is, as her Twitter bio states, a “frequent CNN political & legal pundit.” In other words, CNN likes this woman. CNN turns to a women who says things like this for analysis:

Did you catch that? No? That’s OK. She sent it out again for all those who may have missed it the first time around:

CNN sure can pick ’em!

In fact, Sophia thinks it’s the people calling her out who are the bigots:

It’s “Siraj,” Sophia. And you definitely belong on his List.




Guess Sophia’s tweet didn’t stay after all. She deleted it.

We’re dying to know what convinced her!