CNN’s chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta — who is a doctor, in case you didn’t know — has information that we laypeople just aren’t privy to. Because we don’t have access to sources like his.

Watch (starts around the 0:55 mark):


“This is what my source said: Every step along the way, this, this guidance that could have saved, you know, 80-90 percent of the people who have died could have been saved if this guidance had been abided by. Every step of the way, that guidance has been buried, and then minimized, then ignored, and now ridiculed.”

Good question!

In all seriousness, though, this is infuriating. Disgraceful. And outright dishonest.

Conservative radiologist Pradheep Shanker, who recently went step by painstaking step through the history of the COVID19 pandemic, is among those appalled by Gupta’s remarks:


But Gupta doesn’t feel the need to bring any of that up now.

Gupta might be ashamed to repeat it, except he’s repeating it on CNN so he knows he’ll never really have to answer for it.

What good is “BELIEVE THE SCIENCE” when “THE SCIENCE” is politically driven?

Consider Dr. Shanker a genuinely reliable source on this.



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