Donald Trump’s remarks to Bob Woodward about deliberately downplaying the threat posed by COVID19 are still on a lot of people’s lips today. And understandably so.

But it’s important to remember, in the midst of all the hubbub, how we got to this point in the first place.

In an extremely valuable thread, radiologist and conservative writer Pradheep Shanker painstakingly documents every important step along the path to the current pandemic.

It may be inconvenient, but it’s essential.

China’s certainly got a starring role. But in the interest of the whole truth, let’s see the receipts:



But Democrats assured us that there was nothing to worry about.

These are the same people screeching today about Donald Trump not being honest with Americans about the dangerous nature of COVID19.

Does some of the blame for the havoc wreaked by COVID19 in America lie with Donald Trump? One could certainly make a convincing argument.

But to overlook the media’s role, the Democrats’ role, the WHO’s role, and — above all — China’s role in the pandemic is to examine this crisis through an incomplete, dishonest lens.

Editor’s note: Dr. Shanker’s first name was initially misspelled in the headline and text of this post. We have corrected the mistake and apologize for the error.



Here’s why media firefighters might want to slow their rolls over Donald Trump’s remarks to Bob Woodward about downplaying COVID19 threat