Last night, CNN’s star fact-checker Daniel Dale pointed out that Joe Biden is fact-checking Donald Trump by speaking in coherent sentences:

But lest you think Dale was saying that Biden’s complete sentences are good enough for him, know that … actually, that’s basically what Dale was saying.

This pretty much confirms that Joe Biden could parade himself around in nothing but his underwear while humming the theme from “Star Wars” and, to Dale, he’d still be a more reliable source than Trump:

“Some false and misleading claims are more equal than others” is quite a mantra for a fact-checker.

Oh, he’s definitely not “bothesidesing” any of this. It’s onesidesing all the way.

Daniel Dale’s a pretty lousy fact-checker, but at least he’s managed to make himself useful in one respect:

And for being so shameless about it.

Too bad Dale’s not getting paid directly by the Biden campaign. We assume.

But a news organization that employs Oliver Darcy would obviously have no problem employing Daniel Dale.

People whose job it is to be factual are literally justifying outright ignoring the lies coming from one side.

The media know they’ve been exposed as flaming biased hacks, but instead of trying to fix the problem, they’re just leaning into it.