After Joe Biden finished up warning America about the dangers of believing in the possibility of a COVID19 vaccine developed while Donald Trump is president, he took questions from the media.

Well, after checking his list first:

Just let him get his list there so he can see where everybody’s sitting.

It was a full house, to be sure:

Well, it doesn’t matter what Ryan Lizza would’ve asked.

Guess Ryan wasn’t on the list. Too bad.

You know, it’s OK to not defend Joe Biden sometimes. Sometimes he really does just look that bad. This isn’t the first time he’s looked to a list to help him through a Q&A session — and it won’t be the last.

Hey, you can’t expect him to remember where everyone is sitting and be honest about what Donald Trump said! Especially when he’s only got time for a few questions.

Four whole questions, you guys. Joe must be spent.

You’re not wrong.