Remember when sexually exploiting children was considered evil and wrong? Apparently that’s all in the past now. It’s a sign of uncultured, regressive thinking.

Netflix is defending their decision to stream “Cuties” (“Mignonnes”), a film that’s being criticized by the public for sexual exploitation of young girls. Which is understandable, given that it features young girls twerking, touching themselves suggestively, and watching sexually explicit dancing. Oh, and a girl’s bare breast.

But for some odd reason, our intellectual betters in the media have decided to go to the mat for “Cuties” and defend its honor.

Today, for example, we’ve got the Washington Post’s Alyssa Rosenberg:

“The freakout.”

The “excellent young actresses” were exploited by the filmmaker, the producers, and their parents. But the “really horrible thing to do” is pointing that out.

Those damn right-wingers being irresponsible!

If you agree that material that checks a bunch of the “this is functionally child pornography” boxes, you’re just some QAnon conspiracy nut.

Alyssa should be disgusted and sad. With herself. And with every person who thinks that sexually exploiting young girls is the best way to argue against the sexual exploitation of young girls.

Like Megan McArdle:

Yep, that’s a bad take, all right.

Is it not possible to make the point that sexualizing children is bad without, you know, sexualizing children?

Is this real life? There’s no “context” necessary when we saw with our own eyes footage of little girls twerking and humping the floor and touching themselves.

You don’t want to know.

Insane. They’re insane.