We know there’s been a whole lot of Joe Biden news this week, so forgive us if you’ve had your fill. But we just couldn’t resist this gem.

If you’ll recall, Donald Trump went off yesterday on Joe Biden, claiming Biden will “hurt God” (among other things):

It was a stupid thing to say, and Trump shouldn’t’ve said it.

That said, watching the media and Left express outrage over Trump’s impugning of Biden’s alleged deep Catholic faith while excusing Biden’s remarks about black and Latinos has been something to behold.

So it should come as no surprise that the True Conservatives™ at the Lincoln Project want in on the action:

Biden’s severely devout, you guys. So leave him alone!

Want to know what else is awesome? Lincoln Project luminary Rick Wilson’s past tweets about Joe Biden’s devout Catholicism:

You hate to see it.

Or, in Rick Wilson’s case, several tweets.

Straight into our veins.