Is our children learning?


Teachers brought along visual aids, including handmade coffins and a guillotine, while protesting Mayor Bill de Blasio’s schools reopening plan in Lower Manhattan on Monday afternoon.

About 200 protesters — many of them educators, parents and students — marched from the United Federation of Teachers headquarters to the NYC Department of Education offices near Foley Square.

“Children cannot focus on schoolwork if their family members or teachers are in the hospital or dying,” said Frankie Cook, a kindergarten teacher at PS 261 in Brooklyn.

And they definitely can’t focus on schoolwork if their teachers are too busy gathering in large groups to protest being expected to do their jobs.

Obviously these protesters are not representative of all teachers. But they represent a disturbingly — and frustratingly — large group of people who want all the prestige of being viewed as “essential” without actually behaving as though they’re all that essential.

And then there’s the hypocrisy:

These so-called educators want to have their cake and eat it, too.



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