As Twitchy told you, lefty journo Judd Legum is clutching all the pearls over Donald Trump’s “insane video” depicting Joe Biden in a coffin being carried by the now-viral dancing Ghanaian pallbearers:

As much of a genius as Judd Legum is, he evidently isn’t smart enough to understand that that’s Joe Biden’s campaign in the coffin.

But as it turns out, Legum wasn’t quite clutching all the pearls. There were still plenty left over for author, political commentator, and associate professor Jared Yates Sexton, who quickly took Legum’s outrage and turned it up to eleven:

Are you new to the internet, Jared? Not only are there tons of “racist and despicable things” on the internet, but the Ghanaian pallbearers meme has been all over the place for weeks and literally nobody who isn’t a complete moron thinks it’s racist.

No. No he is not.



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