As another Twitchy editor said earlier today, the coronavirus has inspired so many hot takes on Twitter it’s a miracle the site doesn’t just self-combust.

Do you know how you’re not dealing with a serious person? When that person rends their garments over the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans without ever once mentioning China, only President Trump.

As Twitchy reported Tuesday night, movie producer Judd Apatow had had enough and wanted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and “all of these politicians” prosecuted for murder. And we’ve seen plenty of Twitter randos calling for Trump to be tried at The Hague after Joe Biden takes over in 2021.

But the award for most extreme tweet goes to associate professor and “The Man They Wanted Me to Be: Toxic Masculinity and a Crisis of Our Own Making” author Jared Yates Sexton and his tweet promoting his piece on “the unspeakable horror” of Trump’s response to COVID-19.

We didn’t think someone could fit every hot take about Trump and the coronavirus and fit it into 280 characters, but he did it.

And again: No mention of China? Or the World Health Organization? Or the charges of xenophobia for closing the borders?

He writes at The Muckrake:

It has become a macabre ritual watching these press briefings. For weeks now, every afternoon has brought new horrors as Trump arrives in the press room or the Rose Garden and delivers one discordant address after another. Some days he’ll tell the country it’s almost over, that a cure is imminent, that maybe he’ll reopen the country by Easter for a resurrection. The next he’ll have an awkward corporate CEO say a few oddly chosen and discomforting words.

There isn’t a mild way to put this.

Donald Trump and the Republican Party damned hundreds of thousands of Americans to a lonely, agonizing death.

Hundreds of thousands of living, breathing human beings are going to either die in their homes, far away from medical treatment, or else in overcrowded hospitals, kept from the comfort of their families, attended to by exhausted, terrified, undersupported, overworked medical staff.

And none of it was necessary.

So the Republican Party as a whole is implicated in killing hundreds of thousands too, while Democrats happily would have kept the borders open and the flights coming in so as not to appear xenophobic.

No, don’t.

This guy could give any MSNBC host a run for their money in the TDS department.


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