Max Boot is struggling. We assume he’s mad at Resistance hero Justin Amash for exploring a third-party presidential run and throwing a wrench in Real Conservatives’ plan to get Joe Biden elected. He’s always mad at Donald Trump

Maybe it’s not so much an attack on Boot’s column as it is a recognition of the stupidity of Boot’s column.

Phyllis Schlafly’s views definitely became more extreme and objectionable as she got older, but Boot’s beef is not so much with Schlafly here as it is with National Review for daring to question his brilliance.

Someone sounds bitter. Probably because he is.

Boot is clearly not familiar with National Review’s numerous writers and contributors who are not, in fact, Trump apologists and regularly criticize the president. What irks Max is that unlike himself, the Bulwark crowd, the Lincoln Project, and the rest of the Real Conservatives™ who Resist Trump, National Review hasn’t turned to deliberately defending and promoting liberalism to conserve conservatism.

Take a bow, Max Boot.


Conservatism has only come to mean Trumpism in the sense that Resisters like Boot refuse to make a distinction between the two. There are plenty of conservatives who reject Trump’s character and/or many of his policies or are at least skeptical of them but who haven’t conditioned themselves to immediately be against a conservative policy just because Trump happens to support it.

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