Yesterday, self-described “International Journalist” Jim Clancy — who, if you’ll recall, was axed from CNN a few years ago following a bizarre anti-Israel rant — shared the shocking news that COVID19 cases in China are on the rise, despite what the Chinese government had said:

D.C. communications strategist Drew Holden couldn’t help but be struck by Clancy’s tweet. You know, given the way American media have blindly and eagerly regurgitated ChiCom COVID19 propaganda:

Well, Clancy didn’t see it that way at all. According to him, most journalists were skeptical of the Chinese government’s reported COVID19 numbers right off the bat:

If many journalists didn’t take Beijing’s numbers at face value, they really could’ve fooled us.

Or watch the news? Or look at MSM websites?

It’s definitely not true.

Holden’s got receipts:

And there are so many more examples where those came from.

Just because Jim wasn’t paying attention doesn’t mean the rest of us weren’t.



Drew Holden’s got a pretty good idea why ChiComs are using American media for COVID19 propaganda and he lays it out in brutal thread [screenshots]