If nothing else, the COVID19 crisis has helped to shine a glaring spotlight on just how awful Vox’s brand of “journalism” really is. But their COVID19 coverage alone should disqualify them from ever being taken seriously by anyone ever again.

Entrepreneur, angel investor, and engineer Balaji S. Srinivasan has helpfully put together a comprehensive thread of Vox’s journalistic malpractice in the time of COVID19:

Srinivasan is referring to TIME editor at large Anand Giridharadas, who recently pimped a post by Vox Recode’s Teddy Schleifer complaining about the “dangers” of allowing tech billionaires like Jack Dorsey and Bill Gates to donate large sums of money in the fight against COVID19 (and in subsequent crises).

Giridharadas and Vox actually believe in this garbage:


Vox should be ashamed of many things, but they should be especially ashamed of this.



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