So, this “update” from Vox crossed our timeline where they alert readers that the CDC is “updating its guidance on use of face masks” and it had us asking, “why did they need to update the piece in the first place instead of just writing a new one?”

And here’s the answer, which enters the shot-chaser hall of fame. You see, we didn’t need masks back on March 2:

Oh, but it gets better.

While Vox was explaining to its readers why we don’t need masks, Vox’s Matthew Yglesias bought masks for his family back in February:

Screenshots for when/if Vox ratholes them:

This really is amazing to read:

Yglesias then lashed out at his critics:

Just take the L, Matt:

But he actually made it worse. Are we supposed to believe that the super-smart explainer journo had no idea that there was a difference between a cloth mask, a procedure mask and an N95?!

FFS is this bad.

But what’s worse is it’s looking more and more that the recommendations to not wear a mask of some sort, even homemade, in public was to discourage public purchasing of them so there were enough for medical professionals and first responders. Now, that’s OK but EVERYONE should have said that part out loud. And in places like New York City, which by the way, still looks like this, covering the face in public should have been mandatory a month ago: