So it seems that some media firefighters still haven’t learned their lessons when it comes to misrepresenting GOP Sen. Tom Cotton’s remarks about COVID19. Despite never having made the claim that COVID19 is a bioweapon, numerous outlets have stated that Cotton did just that.

The New York Times’ Max Fisher — a Vox alumnus, naturally — is still out there peddling a false narrative about Cotton:

Senator Tom Cotton, Republican of Arkansas, and others have suggested that the virus was produced by a Chinese weapons lab.

And Cotton’s had enough:

Cotton is right that the ChiComs have obfuscated and lied about COVID19 from the beginning. Yet the media are far more willing to take them at their word than they are to consider what Cotton has to say.

While so many in the media were busy downplaying the gravity of the COVID19 crisis and then shamelessly pushing ChiCom propaganda, Tom Cotton was an early voice of warning, a voice that went largely ignored by the self-proclaimed Guardians of Truth.

And now they’re taking out their frustrations at being exposed as the frauds they are out on Cotton.



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