This article in the HuffPost on January 31 by Nick Robins-Early may be the most wrong thing ever written in the history of the internet, and we’re not using this hyperbole lightly. It’s really, really awful:

It’s “line for line, blow-by-blow comical wrongness”:

We’ll start with the headline and sub-head that says “Don’t listen to Sen. Tom Cotton About Coronavirus” and “The GOP senator has spread misinformation and panic in a weeks-long meltdown over the disease”:

You see, this panic included a warning for Americans to leave China now and he called for the immediate “Manhattan project-level effort to create a vaccine”:

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) has been on an absolute tear about coronavirus, calling for all Americans in China to “get out now,” demanding the U.S. implement an extensive travel ban targeting China proposing a “Manhattan Project-level effort to create a vaccine” ― a reference to the undertaking that produced the atomic bomb during World War II.

The screenshot really does belong in a museum:


But then Robins-Early argued Cotton was being too hard on China:

China, which everyone acknowledges now has been less than forthcoming about the virus, was doing a great job back then as was the U.S. according to Robins-early.

The piece ends quoting health experts who advise “patience while they assess the true dangers of the outbreak and cautioned against the kind of fearmongering that Cotton has embraced”:



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