Earlier today, we told you about CBS News getting busted for failing to vet a video purportedly of a nurse who had quit her job in protest of being asked to work in a COVID19 ICU without a face mask. Here’s that video again, which is still up despite being proven to be a hoax:

Well, it only took CBS News a day and a half to admit that they’d screwed up.

We kid, of course. They admitted to no such thing. This was all they could manage to muster:

Oh, OK.

Well, in that case, no harm no foul!

Seriously, who does CBS News think they’re kidding? They blindly bought into a narrative because it had the potential to make Donald Trump look like a monster, added sad music and captions, waited a day and a half to acknowledge that the video was a hoax, and then couldn’t even bring themselves to admit to any wrongdoing on their part.

Where’s the fun in that?



The “C” in “CBS” apparently stands for “clown”:

Total. Clownshow.