Is this real life? Honestly, how did we get to a point where crap like this from the New York Times is remotely acceptable?

Damien Cave and Tiffany May teamed up to write this. It took two people pooling their collective brainpower to vomit up this blatant ChiCom propaganda:

With Italy, Spain and the United States surging in contagion, many countries in Asia that suffered through the pandemic first seem to have wrestled it into submission, particularly China — and are now fighting to protect against a new wave of infection from outside.

The reversal of fortune would have been unimaginable a week ago. At the time, China was the outbreak’s global epicenter, with people dying by the hundreds each day.

But on Thursday, it reported no new local cases for the first time since the outbreak began. Its uncompromising response — locking down cities, shutting factories, testing thousands — seems to have brought China’s contagion under control.

Now the pandemic that originated in China is migrating and starting to recirculate. Across Asia, where Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea successfully grappled with the virus early, alongside China, there is a growing sense of fear and dismay. Much of the region looks west and asks: We’re getting it right — why can’t you?

This is as close as the article gets to acknowledging the Chinese government’s willful deception:

Beijing has retaliated by falsely suggesting that the virus started with American troops, while portraying itself as a heroic warrior against the contagion and a model for the world.

The New York Times is evidently more than willing to help the Chinese government portray itself as a heroic warrior against the contagion and a model for the world:

Especially in China and the Chinese diaspora, there is a growing demand for recognition of the hard work and sacrifices that tamed the outbreak, and a desire to tell the world what has gone right and wrong, and why.

We can’t even right now. Can you?

It’s becoming pretty obvious at this point:

Hope it was worth your souls, New York Times.



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