The Chinese government thinks it can get away with blatant anti-American lies deflecting blame for the COVID19 pandemic. And you know what? They have good reason to think so. Because stunning and brave American journalists like those at the New York Times are only too happy to do the ChiComs’ bidding.

Case in point, this steaming pile of pro-ChiCom garbage. Military vet and author James Hasson couldn’t help but be struck by its utter shamelessness:

Hope the New York Times at least got a nice dinner before bending over so low for the ChiComs.

We’d expect nothing less.

Among other reasons.

No kidding. New York Times journalists are more than capable of regurgitating Chinese propaganda from stateside.



‘This isn’t journalism’: The NYT may think they’re getting away with their ‘Chinese virus’ narrative games, but @redsteeze has got their number