In case you missed it, yesterday, the New York Times was all over Donald Trump’s use of “Chinese virus” when referring to COVID19.

It took three people to write that. Well, perhaps “write” is the wrong word. Maybe “throw against the wall hoping it’ll stick” would be more appropriate. Because that’s basically what they did.

The flames of “criticism” over the use of “Chinese virus” are being fanned chiefly by our media.

Stephen L. Miller, aka Twitchy staple @redsteeze, sees exactly what they’re doing:

“Experts warned.” Experts like … journalists?

Things sure have changed, huh? Now that “Chinese virus” has been officially proclaimed as racist by the media (with encouragement from the Chinese government, of course), firefighters are on a mission to make sure this narrative doesn’t die.

It’s not what journalism was ever intended to be, anyway.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

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