Over the past week or so, we’ve been hearing a lot from our media about how racist it is to refer to COVID19 by its place of origin. Terms like “Chinese coronavirus” and “Wuhan virus” are unacceptable in polite society.

And that raises a question: If we can’t call it by its “racist” names, what should we be calling it? Well, maybe this take from NBC News chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel can help us out:

Where would we be without brave firefighters like Richard Engel to help us maintain perspective?

We have to assume there was a point to that report, other NBC and MSNBC finding yet another way to make asses of themselves.

And you’re racist for pointing that out, apparently.

OK, so if it’s not the Chinese government’s fault, whose fault is it?

Blame the bats, you guys.

Damn those bats …

If not, they should really get a move on.

Honestly, the best thing we can say about Engel’s logic is that it’s deeply, deeply flawed — and insanely dishonest.

Ah, but NBC News isn’t afraid of the Egyptians’ wrath.

Truly, this is some of the most shameless pro-ChiCom spin we’ve seen from our media, and that’s really saying something.

Why should we doubt theories that the media have something to gain by parroting and pushing Chinese government propaganda?

It really doesn’t seem like a conspiracy theory anymore. The only COVID19 conspiracy that appears to exist is one to keep the Chinese government from ever having to answer for their crimes. And make no mistake: what they’ve done here is criminal.

And our media is aiding and abetting in their crimes.

We’re sure they’re very grateful.

It seems fair at this point to say that the media are really doing their damnedest to live up to the “enemy of the people” label.



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