Nathan McDermott is a politics reporter for CNN’s KFILE, their Andrew Kaczynski news division.

And judging from this bit of reporting, McDermott’s got Kaczynski’s brand of journalistic instincts:

Whoa, you guys. Whoa.

“For his own calculations.” You mean, like “in order to combat ChiCom propaganda campaigns”?

The timing isn’t exactly suspect here, Nathan.

It kinda does, Nathan.

This really isn’t the hot scoop you think it is, Nathan.

It’s actually pretty simple.

Because he wants us to forget that CNN didn’t always have a problem with “Chinese coronavirus”?


Maybe instead of getting his knickers in a knot, Nathan should try doing some actual journalism and investigate reality.

It shouldn’t be difficult. Depressing that it is.



Will Vox put themselves in time-out after declaring that Donald Trump ‘using a racist name for the coronavirus is dangerous’? (They should.)