Yesterday, New York Times firefighters led the charge in spreading a deceptive narrative about Donald Trump’s remarks concerning states’ abilities to obtain medical equipment like respirators and ventilators:

In their righteous indignation, they conveniently left off the rest of Trump’s remarks:

But inconvenient truths are just that: inconvenient. And if they’re inconvenient for our media, it’s a pretty safe bet that they’re inconvenient for our Democratic politicians.

Take Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy, for example. This morning — well after the false narrative had been thoroughly debunked — Murphy tweeted this:

It’s not “a summation of how he’s handled the whole crisis” when your “summation” is incomplete, Chris.

“Efficient” and “federal government” should never appear in the same sentence together, but for what it’s worth, since Murphy doesn’t seem to remember or care, Trump did say that the federal government would offer help with procurement of medical equipment if necessary.

But Chris Murphy just can’t bring himself to be honest for once. Not when political points are on the line.