If you watched HBO’s fantastic miniseries “Chernobyl,” you probably didn’t realize that you were basically watching the coronavirus outbreak unfold. Here, let Washington Post Global Opinions columnist Brian Klaas explain:

Klaas writes:

The rapidly worsening coronavirus outbreak is President Trump’s Chernobyl. By putting dangerous myths above objective facts, Trump has turned the crucial early phases of government response into a disaster. Some public health experts in government have undoubtedly kept quiet, having seen repeatedly what happens to those who publicly contradict this president. And Trump himself, along with those who surround him, has tried to construct a reality that simply does not exist.

Those lies will kill.

With Chernobyl, as with Trump’s response to the coronavirus, efforts to protect the big lie were always doomed. It was impossible to simply lie and cover up the nuclear disaster. But that didn’t stop the Soviet Union from trying. It is impossible to pretend that people dying in increasing numbers is a “hoax” or that an inadequate supply of testing kits is part of a “perfect” government response. But that hasn’t stopped Trump from trying.

For years, it has been obvious that having as president a self-aggrandizing liar who constructs his own reality is dangerous. We’re about to find out just how deadly it can be.

Once again, since Brian apparently wasn’t paying attention, Donald Trump did not call coronavirus a “hoax.” In his piece, Klaas also bemoans Trump supporters distrusting media “fact-checkers.” With Klaas perpetuating a false narrative that has been repeatedly exposed as false, is it any wonder?

Klaas is just bitter that the media don’t have complete control over the coronavirus narrative. So he’s likening Donald Trump to the communist Soviet government because hey, maybe that will get us to trust the media more.

Just a crap sandwich all around.

Seriously, Brian. Did you miss the memo?