As Twitchy told you, Bernie Sanders cheerleader AOC appeared on “The View” today, where she explained that “our political system,” of which she is an extremely vocal part, “is not designed for people like” her.

For a girl who claims that rich men are not the center of her universe, she sure spends a lot of time and energy talking about rich men. Case in point:

Yeah, we can’t have billionaires existing. But also they should pay for everything. And we need them so we always have someone to blame for all of society’s ills.

This is leftist logic at its apex, you guys.

Oh well. At least she’s only focusing on billionaires. The rest of us are totally safe from her clutches.

Or not.

We’d like to think that AOC is just a joke. In a lot of ways, she is. But the fact that she has so many willing to walk in lockstep behind her, blindly swallowing her BS, is indeed pretty terrifying.