Disgraced former Democratic Rep. Katie Hill is using Valentine’s Day to hit GOP Sen. Joni Ernst over the Violence Against Women Act:

First of all, Ernst isn’t “refusing to renew VAWA.” Ernst has been working to reauthorize it:

Senator Ernst’s proposal, supported by a number of her colleagues, provides a ten percent increase in funding above what the Senate Democrats proposed last week, triples the support for rape prevention and education from current levels, and includes a number of bipartisan measures to address VAWA-related crimes throughout the country, including in rural areas like her home state of Iowa.

And Ernst knows a few things about domestic abuse, being a survivor herself. Something else Hill fails to mention in her tweet.

Hill’s getting raked over the coals for sliming Ernst over this — and she deserves it:

The moral of the story:



‘Karma is a thing’: GOP Sen. Joni Ernst says she’s a domestic abuse victim — and these libs are loving it