There was a time when “Never Trump” brought something valuable to our political discourse, because, like it or not, there is value in being able to recognize that no man  — not even the chosen leader of your party — is infallible.

But somewhere along the way, #NeverTrump became a caricature of itself. Instead of continuing to hold Donald Trump accountable for his mistakes while acknowledging when he does something right and encouraging him to do the right thing, they’ve made it their mission to hate everything he does simply because he’s Donald Trump, even if it’s ultimately the right thing to do. They’re not so much committed to “conserving conservatism” as they are to destroying Trump at any cost, even if that means empowering the Left. And that’s not valuable; it’s just plain sad.

Rick Wilson’s embarrassing and shameful display on CNN is only among the latest in a series of performances in which the once-respectable #NeverTrump lets the mask come crashing to the floor. As one tweeter, @dswhisperer2, so eloquently points out, #NeverTrump has become everything it once professed to oppose:

The truth hurts, but that doesn’t make it any less truthful. When your opposition to Donald Trump is based solely on the fact that he’s Donald Trump and not on his policies, your opinion becomes worthless. You don’t deserve to be taken seriously.

Criticize Donald Trump’s policies on their merits (or lack thereof). Criticize his demeanor. Those are fair game. What’s not fair is opposing anything and everything he does because you want to destroy him. At that point, the real danger to conservatism is you.