In case you missed it, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin joked that Greta Thunberg should “[study] economics in college” before telling the U.S. how to deal with fossil fuel companies. The Washington Post was on it, of course:

Well, CNN’s Chris Cuomo was one of many of Thunberg’s devotees who took offense to Mnuchin pointing out that maybe Thunberg, a teenage girl, doesn’t have a firm enough grasp on economic fundamentals to be dictating policy. In Cuomo’s mind, Mnuchin is just another Trumper who thinks it’s OK to go after a kid:

Great question, Chris! Maybe if you keep digging your own hole, you’ll finally get to the bottom of this.

Wow. Just barely over a year between those two tweets!

And it’s not just Fredo who went at a kid. His whole damn network went at a kid.

Gee, Chris.



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