Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are very concerned that having too many kids will ultimately lead to global climate catastrophe (flying on private jets is another story). But they’re not so woke that they can’t appreciate the value of trying to avoid paying lots of taxes:

More from the Telegraph:

The Duchess’s company Frim Fram Inc was moved out of California in December and incorporated in Delaware, which tax experts suggest could be done to avoid being hit with tax liabilities in California.

Corporation filings seen by The Telegraph show that the move was made on New Year’s Eve, while Meghan and her husband were taking a break in Canada, planning to quit their roles as ‘senior’ royals and become financially independent.

“You would want to do it on New Year’s Eve simply because if you go one minute into the next year you would owe some taxes to California for the year of 2020,” said Alan Stachura, from financial services firm Wolters Kluwer.

“It could be a double whammy depending on what the cost of those taxes are. Typically the expectation would be that taxes would be higher in California than Delaware.”

Go figure.

Hey, man. We don’t blame Meghan Markle for wanting to keep more of her money. But it’d be nice if we could be spared future lectures from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.



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