We haven’t covered this yet at Twitchy because we’re just not that into the royal family, but by now you’ve probably heard that Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle have announced they’re “stepping back” from royal duties, are seeking to become financially independent, and are considering moving out of the U.K. The queen was not amused.

Keep in mind that Prince Harry has said he has “eco-anxiety” so severe he “struggles to get out of bed in the morning.” He’ll also be flying back and forth between his home in the U.K. and the couple’s second home in Canada. Oh, and they might buy a house in Los Angeles so Markle can score some sweet-paying acting gigs — but not until President Trump is out of office.

Tamar Lapin writes that “Markle, 38, has said she won’t move back while Trump is president, according to the Mail, citing her friends.” OK, so not the best sourcing on this one, but we have little doubt she said it, just like so many celebrities said they were moving to Canada (but not Mexico, curiously) if Trump won.

Does anyone care?

Canada, we guess.