Count screenwriter and GQ sex and relationships columnist Sophia Benoit among those who apparently aren’t super-stoked about “1917” being nominated for ten Oscars, including Best Picture. Who cares about World War I when there are so many “fascinating women’s-only or female/femme-dominated” stories to be told?

Um, because it’s interesting? Compelling? Historical?

As if.

Sophia might not be familiar with that quote.

There were no women soldiers in “1917”; therefore, its subject matter is tiresome and undeserving of a film.

For someone who’s not “upset” or “mad” that “1917” got made, Sophia sure seems upset and mad. There are plenty of movies about not-white-men’s lives out there. And you know what? If Sophia’s not satisfied with what’s out there, she says she’s a screenwriter. Why doesn’t she put her money where her mouth is and show Hollywood how it’s done?

There’s not a moment to lose, Sophia. Females/femmes are counting on you to tell their stories.



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